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Since 2020 and the advent of COVID-19, our homes have become central for us.  We were stuck in them, took respite in them, relaxed in them, worked in them, cleaned and sanitized them, repaired them, spruced them up … and in turn, our homes have sheltered us from the elements, kept us safe from the pandemic, and brought our families closer together.  My watercolour house portraits attempt to honour our relationships with our homes.

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Kimberley Popoff is a self-taught artist who specializes in watercolour house portraits. She has exhibited her work at a local gallery, library, restaurant, and bakery, and her paintings are displayed in private collections.

Kimberley’s work explores the idea of the home as a member of the family. Imagining the house as a character in the family story, her home portraits suggest that the family is inside and going about their day. The house stands to protect and shelter its family, particularly during these times of self-isolation.

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November 2019

A local restaurant in Brampton displayed Kimberley's artwork in their lobby.  There is a connection between the local restaurant and many of the homeowners who live in the homes shown on this page

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October 2019

ARTBeat Brampton was an inspirational walk in the downtown core, showcasing local artists from Brampton.  Kimberley was paired with Dolcezza Custom Cakes and displayed her art work for the public to view, as well as to watch her paint live.


September 2019

Brampton Library provides occasional exhibit space to individuals or groups wishing to display hanging works of art. This free exhibit space enables Library visitors to participate in the creative life of the community, and presents artists with a valued avenue for exhibiting their work.

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September 24 to October 24, 2021

The festival presents a unique opportunity for independent organizers to come together to showcase local talent, foster community collaboration, and bring the public into the creative process. In the past, our organizers have hosted programming from multiple disciplines, including but not limited to: visual arts, dance, theatre, music, history and heritage, architecture and design, culinary arts, craft, and storytelling.


September 2021

Live Art produced on August 28 across the Region of Peel.  All submissions will be displayed in an online showcase where the public will vote for their favourite artwork. Winners of the Peoples' Choice awards will be announced on Saturday, September 25, during Ontario Culture Days

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